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Dark Skies Festival Campout in Death Valley


Cadets and Seniors from the 802nd and many other squadron across southern Nevada went on a campout in Death Valley National Park, CA for the dark skies Festival. For a lot of our members this was their first campout ever. The campout started with a little rain, but it was not enough to spot us.

After getting camp ready the event start with hike through Star Wars Canyon. The members learn about the historical presents of the canyon from the Star Wars Films, from the first one up to the latest show. The Park Rangers made it a little better by dressing up and playing the part. In the visitor center at the park, many organizations including JPL, NASA, and many others had booths and exhibits, to show what they have done and what is event to come including the upcoming new mars rover about to take off this summer.

The night was little upsetting as we had cloud cover that cover the dark skies of the stars. But the Park Rangers came up with a good plan to keep us busy through the night.




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