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Mission Pilot

Those pilots that enjoy working in the demanding mission areas of search and rescue and disaster support should continue their training to become a mission pilot (MP). The mission pilot requirements are some of the most demanding but can be easily accomplished with the assistance of a mentor. You can find the requirements below on the Operations Qualifications page of eServices by clicking on “What Do I Need?”.



Below are the requirements to fly as a Mission Pilot.


  • Complete the General Emergency Services quiz

  • Complete the requirements and be approved as a Mission Scanner

    • Mission Scanner requirements can be found in Operations Qualifications 

  • Have at least 175 hours Pilot in Command time

  • Familiarization and Preparatory Training

    • Complete task O-2003, Grid Section Charts.  The tasks can be found in the task guide.

    • Complete task O-2004, Use a POC table.

    • Complete task O-2009, Demonstrate Air/Ground Coordination

    • Complete task O-2101, Describe how ELT’s are Detected

    • Complete task P-2001, Discuss Mission Pilot Duties and Responsibilities

    • Complete task P-2002, Discuss General CAP-Related Safety Requirements and Issues

    • Complete task P-2003, Discuss Type of Flights Performed by CAP Aircrews

    • Complete task P-2004, Discuss Security Concerns and Procedures

    • Complete task P-2005, Discuss Mission Pilot Responsibilities During a Mission

    • Complete task P-2028, Discuss Crew Resource Management

  • Advanced Training

    • Complete CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam – Part 2

    • Complete task O-2001, Operate the Aircraft Audio Panel

    • Complete task O-2005, Operate the Aircraft DF

    • Complete task O-2006, Perform ELT Searches

    • Complete task O-2007, Locate and Silence an ELT on the Ground

    • Complete task O-2008, Complete a Mission Sortie

    • Complete task O-2102, Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Route Search

    • Complete task O-2103, Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Parallel Track Search

    • Complete task O-2104, Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Creeping Line Search

    • Complete task O-2105, Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Point Based Search

    • Complete task O-2106, Plan and Command a CAP Flight

    • Complete task O-2107, Prepare for a Trip to a Remote Mission Base

    • Complete task P-2119, Demonstrate how to complete a CAP aircraft inspection

    • Complete Incident Command System course ICS 100

    • Complete Incident Command System course ICS 200 - IS-200

    • Complete Incident Command System course ICS 700 - IS-700

    • Complete Introductory Communication User Training (ICUT)

    • Participate in 2 exercises as a SAR/ES Mission Pilot trainee

  • Have 200 hours as Pilot in Command

  • Complete Mission Pilot flight check CAPF 91

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