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Public Affairs Action Plan 2020

This annual plan represents the Jack Schofield Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol public affairs (PA) program and is required annually per CAPR 190-1 (7)(a).  The plan includes a squadron-wide evaluation of the program, objectives, goals, and strategies.  It was prepared by 1st Lt Nicholas Sacco, and approved by Capt Michael Lipka commander.

The Jack Schofield Cadet Squadron encompasses the Henderson, Las Vegas Valley of Clark County which includes Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada National Guard Stations, more located in the Seven Hills Area of Henderson. The communities around our area are closed and gated and are hard to reach which present challenges to conduct the congressionally-mandated missions of CAP, and to recruit and retain members to conduct those missions. 

As of January 25, 2020 the Jack Schofield Cadet Squadron has 41 members (10 adults and 31 cadets).  The squadron has 3 public affairs officer(s) (PAOs), both primary and assistants, on the membership roster.

The squadron headquarters is responsible for oversight in program management and coordination to complete organizational missions. In an effort to develop a public affairs plan, the following elements are identified:

Strengths:  The squadron has a strong cadet program and members are becoming active in CAP’s emergency services mission. The squadron PAO just started the position but has a strong back ground and has strong connections with the local media. Our Aerospace program has a strong leadership and presence at Nellis Air Force Base.  Three of our members are pilots; and this year we have attended tours at Nellis at help with Aviation Nation 2019. Our Social Media presence has been strong and involved by both members of the 802nd and the public at large.

Weaknesses:   The unit does not have an aircraft assigned to it, making aircrew training more difficult for the members. The squadron dis not have anyone that is a Set on Base Positions, ground teams, aircrew positions, etc to help with wing SAREX during the year. In the last year Capt Lipka just became a Set on a few things. The squadron has pushed a restart button on things a lot of members are looking at things in new way and trying to understand new positions to them.  As people take on these new roles there has been no one that can help or trained them how to do the role.

Areas for Improvement:  The squadron was lacking a community presence, continuing the adage of CAP being the “best kept secret.” The unit needs to participate in local events, such as the Memorial Day parade, city and county fairs, ete more then they have been. We recently started to do Car Shows on Eastern for Wreaths across America. There is a need to build a relationship with the local emergency responders. The squadron needs to figure out how to get more people sign off for Ground Teams and Base Positions for SAREXs for the wing.

Opportunities: The unit is located near one of the largest Air Force installation that has unique opportunities that you are not going find on other installations and military leadership is open to partnering with the squadron could be recruiting cadet members. 

Threats: A large group of the cadets are getting into their later teens and in high school where their busy lifestyles is going to affect the involvement in Civil Air Patrol, which later can mean dropping from Civil Air Patrol.  Some people would like to help and start a project and but not follow through with it. The unit has to make sure the volunteers are following through with their comment.

Major Events:  The squadron supports the wing’s cadet orientation flight program using the local airport and the wing and or other units’ pilots, and several of its members support the annual cadet encampment on staff. The local Air Force Base host a biannual air show which the squadron assists through selling food and support at a recruiting table. The unit has few members that are almost signed off in positions to hopefully to be fulling signed off for wing SAREX missions.

The Full Action Plan is available for download 

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